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ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy Symposium 2017

#ZellvCellularTherapy It’s a fruitful day for attendees of the ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy Symposium 2017, as they attended 1-to-1 consultation with medical experts and learnt about how cellular therapy can rejuvenate and regenerate their cells for optimum health, vitality and quality life. #Zellv细胞疗法 ZÉLL-V 2017年细胞疗法研讨会, 让来宾们满载而归!不单单体验了数位医疗专家讲解细胞疗法的奥秘, 也与医疗专家进行了难得的1对1的咨询, 他们从此将迈向更健康, 活力与优质的生活.

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ZÉLL-V Green Seminar @ ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub

你几时开始关注你的健康呢?不要只顾着工作而忽略了健康。失去了健康,生命的一切都会变得没有意思了...... 从ZÉLL-V Green 讲座会Micheal Wey 和王翠玲的分享,我们了解到,要给细胞充足优质的营养,才能抵抗现代人面对的常见疾病!健康的细胞,精彩的人生!想知道如何?现在就PM或拨电03-2273 6699了解更多咯! #ZellvGreen讲座会 #zellvwellnesshub #chuiling When did you start making your health a priority? Is life so busy that you’re neglecting your health? Everything in life becomes meaningless once health is lost… From Micheal Wey and Wong Chui Ling’s sharing during the ZÉLL-V Green Seminar, we learnt that giving our cells the best and complete nutrition is crucial to keep our cells healthy and keep diseases at bay. Truly, healthy cells equals to a healthy, happy life! PM or Call us for more info =)

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