Founder & Managing Director : Dato' Sharon Foong

At the heart of Ruyi Trading is the desire to enable everyone to live a healthy, happy life.

Over the past 15 years, we have worked hard to educate people about the importance of health; how to manage their health through regular screenings, like blood tests, cell checks and skin and health examinations; and reclaim their youth through high-tech cellular therapies.

We have travelled the world seeking and developing various health and beauty solutions that would enable you to achieve the miracle of ‘Always 25’ – possessing the health, vitality and beauty of a 25-year-old, regain your confidence and live a quality life.

From the very beginning, we have maintained close contact with our customers through our telemarketing team, to understand their progress and effectiveness of our products, and to offer them encouragement. We treat all our customers with care and sincerity, with the goal of helping them to improve their health and quality of life. By this, we are able to maintain good relationship with our customers, understanding that our customers play a critical role in the continuous development of the company.

Meanwhile, Ruyi Trading is supported by a group of international experts – our medical panel, which allows us to continue to improve our product quality, enhance our image and maintain customer confidence.

Through various forms of advertising and promotions, including broadcasts, event sponsorships and the establishment of image stores, we are able to elevate the ZÉLL-V brand, making it a premium and quality product sought after by all levels of society for the betterment of health, vitality, beauty and quality life.

Having been in the health and beauty industry for over 30 years, to me, the biggest satisfaction is to be able to create solutions that help people live more meaningfully. I sincerely hope that Ruyi’s products and services will continue to bring good health and quality life to all. When our cells are rejuvenated, our body will be healthier and we become more energetic, which allows us to do the things that make our life more fulfilling and meaningful. Truly, the miracle of ‘Always 25’ begins from cellular rejuvenation.