Essentielle L-MPG is potent, 100% pure essential oil blend – the highest grade of essential oils extracted through steam distillation. It does not contain any artificial fragrances, artificial colours, preservatives, alcohol or mineral oils and will not cause skin irritation. Its exclusive formulation comprises the pure essential oils of lavender, mandarin, patchouli and geranium obtained from their best respective production land. This results in the superior quality and distinctive aroma of Essentielle L-MPG.

Lavender is highly therapeutic in reducing stress and anxiety, warding off sadness and relaxing the body and mind; mandarin is both invigorating and relaxing – it energises the body and relieves anxiety, fatigue and tension; patchouli is effective in treating depression, anxiety, stress, bacterial and virus infections; and geranium balances the mind, provides deep purification to the skin, enhances skin cell regeneration and lightens scars.

This precious plant essence is highly concentrated and potent; hence it usually cannot be used directly without being diluted beforehand. The effects of Essentielle L-MPG can be achieved through diffusing, steam inhalation and topical application by adding to creams or lotions.

Main Benefits of Essentielle L-MPG:

--- Relieves tension, relaxes the body and mind
--- Reduces stress and soothes the soul
--- Invigorates the senses and reduces fatigue
--- Promotes blood circulation and metabolism
--- Promotes cellular regeneration
--- Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
--- Moisturises the skin and maintains healthy skin
--- Revitalises cellular functions and delays skin ageing
--- Promotes wound healing
--- Repairs scars