Grand Opening of ZÉLL-V Signature

ZÉLL-V achieved another great milestone! ZÉLL-V has successfully established its first international platform for going global, ZÉLL-V Signature at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on 8 December 2010. A grand opening ceremony was held, signifying the beginning of ZÉLL-V’s global expedition.

Marina Bay Sands is the latest leisure, entertainment and business hotspots in Singapore. It has successfully attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world since its commencement. The Managing Director and founder of ZÉLL-V, Sharon Foong told the reporters: “We wish to share and spread the secrets of ZÉLL-V to the world through ZÉLL-V Signature, so that everyone can enjoy the bliss of health, vitality and beauty. This signature store also serves as a key stepping-stone for ZÉLL-V to move onto the global stage.” Besides that, Sharon Foong had also disclosed that ZÉLL-V was planning to set foot in more overseas markets next year, including the United States, Switzerland, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, for further developing and expanding its operations. On the opening day, Huang Wen Yong - the Singapore’s most famous Artiste, Kenny Santika – the Champion of Mrs Singapore World 2010, Tan Li Jin - the Mrs ZÉLL-V 2010 and Dato Dr. Nor Shahidah Khairullah - the CEO of Malaysian Liver Foundation had been cordially invited to attend the Ribbon-cutting Ceremony. Meanwhile, Huang Wen Yong had officially announced his contract extension as ZÉLL-V ambassador during a press interview. He had also shared his personal experience on how ZÉLL-V helps him to achieve another great height in his career.
“I always receive praises for my youthful appearance from people around wherever I go. This makes me so proud and I would like to thank ZÉLL-V for giving me such a great pleasure. Prevention is better than cure. To extend your youthful lifespan and enjoy a quality life like me, you should start consuming ZÉLL-V before the development of any visible signs of ageing”, said Wen Yong happily.

The champion of Mrs Singapore World 2010 - Kenny Santika, who has recently been appointed as ZÉLL-V ambassador, had given a piece of advice too on how to age with grace and dignity. “ZÉLL-V has given me a supple and youthful complexion. I feel more energetic and vital than ever. With the help from ZÉLL-V, I truly believe I could win the championship of Mrs World Pageant 2010/2011 for Singapore next year”, Kenny Santika said confidently. On the other hand, ZÉLL-V had officially launched its new “ZÉLL-V - Your Miracle, Your Creation” TV commercial that starred by Kenny Santika. A mesmerizing magic show as well as a violin and cello performance had been staged for bringing excitement and funs to those attending the ceremony. Of course, ZÉLL-V had offered free cell-check (also known as Live Blood Analysis) to the public, helping them to evaluate their own health status and thus regain health, vitality and beauty, for staying young and always 25!