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BeVité is an easy-to-drink meal supplement made from a unique concoction of functional foods. Daily consumption provides you with adequate amount of protein and nutrients that your body needs.

High in essential protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it supports the proper function of your bodily systems and help to maintain good health. Its major ingredients include: isolated soy protein, pea protein, YGF-251 (Young Growth Hormone-251), LIPOCALTM, immunoglobin G, BCAAs, inulin, quinoa, brown rice powder, konjac, cacao powder, vanilla powder and sucralose.
The benefits of BeVité include:

• Keep you full longer
• Maintain healthy weight
• Increase muscle mass for a stronger and leaner body
• Improve cardiovascular health
• Prevent muscle loss due to ageing
• Ensure optimum growth (for children and teenagers)

Who needs BeVité?

• People with busy, hectic lives
• Individuals with poor dietary habits
• Elderly people, especially those with joint pain
• Individuals who are overweight or have edema
• Vegetarians