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There have been various studies in these areas, with extensive research and development to support their functions, efficacy and beneficial effects, as documented in clinical studies.

The following is a list of downloadable clinical studies and medical literature for your reference:

pdf icon
 Phytoestrogen – Journala of Nutrition
pdf icon Hop – Journal of Endocrinology
pdf icon Dietary fiber cholesterol – Wikipedia
pdf icon Forskolin – by Vladimir Badmaev, M.D., Ph.D
pdf icon Jojoba oil – Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
pdf icon Menopause & the risk of HRT
pdf icon Phaseolamin 2250 – Natural Products Insider
pdf icon Plant estrogen & breast cancer
pdf icon Sam-e – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
pdf icon Sam-e – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
pdf icon Sam-e – Ivan Goldberg MD