Official Opening of Our 15th Branch

Ruyi Holdings enters the Malay market! Ruyi has set up its 15th branch in KB Mall, Kelantan as a major platform to explore the Malay market. A simple yet memorable Official Opening Ceremony had been held on 8 October 2010. The opening of this branch aims to improve the quality of life and health status of the East Coast community, in order to help them regain their health, vitality and beauty.

On that day, Ruyi had cordially invited Rosyam Nor, the Malaysia’s most famous actor as well as the ZÉLL-V ambassador, to attend the Ribbon-cutting Ceremony. His presence had successfully attracted many fans to the spot and thus pepped up the entire ceremony.

“ZÉLL-V Platinum 15000 is my secret to infinite energy and vitality!” Rosyam Nor did not forget to share his own health secret with his loyal fans, so that more people knew about ZÉLL-V and could benefit from it. In conjunction with its opening ceremony, Ruyi had also offered free cell-check (Live Blood Analysis) and health consultation. This had helped the public to understand better about their own physical condition and health status, allowing them to enjoy a quality life and always 25!

First and foremost, the Managing Director and founder of Ruyi Holdings, Sharon Foong, together with three honourable speakers from Germany, was being invited to the stage to light up a lamp, signifying the grand opening of ZÉLL-V experience as well as the opening of the gateway to eternal health, beauty and vitality. On the first day of the seminar, the speakers had provided general ideas about the biological benefits of Cellular Therapy as well as the patients’ feedbacks and testimonials. While during Day 2, they started to delve into details, including the basic principles of cellular therapy, cell selection to target different areas of the body and customized treatment to meet specific needs of an individual and so forth. There was also a private consultation session to provide opportunities to all attendees to get some professional advices on how to handle their own health problems as well as usual ailments of ageing. The following are some important information and useful tips shared by the speakers.

With over 30 years of clinical experiences, Dr. Helmut Brammer, the president of the German Society for Thymus Therapy, had shared some of the amazing results achieved in his case studies utilizing cellular therapy to improve the lives of patients suffering from so called incurable diseases, such as diabetes, cancers, circulatory disorders and so forth. Dr. Brammer wrapped up his speech and said confidently, “Although there’s no guarantee, cellular therapy has indeed shown more than 80% of success rates in treating various severe diseases. Most importantly, it is safe to administer with nearly zero severe side effect.”

“Pharmaceutical drugs help to reduce symptoms yet cellular therapy helps to eliminate the cause of the symptoms through activating our cells” Dr. Ursula Jacob pointed out to distinguish cellular therapy from conventional medicines. Dr. Jacob is a specialist in Cellular Therapy and Homeopathy for rejuvenation and anti-ageing. She has been using cellular therapy to improve the quality of life of critically ill patients, especially those suffering from serious side effects following treatments such as insomnia, reduced memory and poor concentration, and she has attained numerous outstanding results in the treatment of degenerative diseases.

“Cells are the most basic building blocks of human body. By knowing how cell mitochondria work, the energy factory of each cell, as well as supplying our body with active cells regularly, we can regain health, vitality and youth”, said Dr. Albert Schmierer, a leading researcher in the field of new cell mitochondrial and homeopathic treatments for rejuvenation. He added that there were many factors in our daily life such as stress, pathogens, environmental pollutants and carbohydrate-rich diet could damage our cells and trigger early ageing. Therefore, it was important to us to replace damaged cell with ZÉLL-V , an important source of active cells.

Dato Dr. Nor Shahidah Khairullah FRCPath, the CEO of Malaysian Liver Foundation had given many practical advices on the prevention of early ageing in her speech. She said, “In recognizing the early symptom of ageing and stopping it in its tracks before it takes control can help suppress the natural ageing process in our body.” She said that ZÉLL-V soft gel was so far the most reliable scientifically based antidote against ageing process. Each capsule of ZÉLL-V was compacted with 15,000mg fresh sheep placenta extract that was rich in growth factors for total rejuvenation. ZÉLL-V was manufactured in New Zealand under stringent quality controls and thus earned it numerous prestigious credentials. More importantly, it has been registered with MOH and certified HALAL, thus it was safe and suitable for all.

Talks aside, loads of fun and entertainment were installed for the night. A “Shanghai Night”-themed dinner party was thrown on the first night. Guests were dressed to the nines and were seen draped in cheongsam and scarves, befitting the theme of the party. The winners of Astro’s Classic Golden Melodies Singing Competition as well as Elaine Kang, one of the ZÉLL-V ambassadors, were being invited to the party to present some timeless melodies, and this had bringing back memories of old Shanghai in the 30s. Best part of it all, when the disco music started, the speakers and guests were mingled around and danced ecstatically under multicoloured flashing lights. All of these had turned the party to a classy and glittery affair and made the night even more memorable.

On the second night, a beachside barbeque was held for a relaxed and casual dining experience. On that night, the guests were clad in different designs of batik clothing and indulged themselves in a melange of delectable cuisine fresh from the grill while enjoying the peaceful sound of the waves beating against the shore. As the music started, the guests were again moved their body freely to the ecstatic rhythm and enjoyed themselves to the fullest extend in the thrill of the night.

On the third day and also the last day of the seminar, certificates of participation were presented to all attendees and followed by group photo session. All the attendees were seen beaming with contentment and gratitude, and hence, marked a perfect end to this 3-day 2-night rejuvenation journey.